A Quick Checklist of Supplies You Need for a New Salon

27 March 2018
 Categories: Beauty & Fashion, Blog

When opening up a new salon or spa of any sort, of course you'll know to get the right chairs and tables for the services to be provided, but there are many other supplies that will need to be on your shopping list as well. The right equipment ensures your staff will have all their necessary tools accessible and organized and that your customers will also be able to get their services done quickly. Note a quick checklist of hairdressing supplies you don't want to overlook for your new salon.


Trolleys help keep all equipment your stylists need right at their fingertips, even as they walk around a customer or change positions for any reason. Trolleys can be tall enough for someone to reach when they're standing up, or they can be shorter for nail technicians or those who are giving facials and other such treatments. Be sure to invest in high-quality trolleys with durable casters so that they move easily, even over hair on the floor and other such debris.

Hood dryers

Hood dryers are large hairdryers that are affixed to the back of a chair, and these are needed for when a person's hair is in rollers or pins. These dryers can be folded back and out of the way when not in use, so the chairs can then be used by those who are waiting for their appointment.

Magnifying lamp

Magnifying lamps are typically used for nail technicians and those providing facials, but even hairdressers may want to use them on occasion. This can allow them a closer look at a client's scalp so that they can note any skin conditions, sores, and the like. Many magnifying lamps are on wheels so that a stylist or technician can then move them out of the way when not in use, but for a nail salon, a magnifying lamp might be clipped to the side of the table and will have a hinged arm so it can move freely and be out of the way as needed.

Retail bags

Your salon or spa will probably sell product to customers; this is a good way to earn extra profit for your location and to keep customers looking their best after they leave your location. However, don't forget the retail bags that go with the product! Not only do customers need bags for their products, but it can be good to use bags with your salon name, website, phone, and other information printed across the front for added advertising.