Should you tint your eyebrows to match your hair colour?

16 August 2016
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Once upon a time it was seen as very important to dye your eyebrows a similar colour to your head hair to prevent anyone guessing that you might have supplemented your hair with hair dye. These days that's no longer the case. Here are some tips to help you decide if a dye job might help your eyebrows. 

Natural blonde or redhead

If you are a natural blonde or redhead you might find that you have pale eyebrows that somewhat fade into your face. This can often lead to a washed out look. Often tinting your eyebrows to a warm brown can help to accentuate your eyes and provide more definition to your face without look overly 'fake'. You can also try this if you have started going grey. Talk to your eyebrow aesthetician to get some advice on choosing a colour that will make your eyes pop. 

Dyed hair in a natural shade

If you dye your hair to a natural shade there is no need to tint your eyebrows to match, but you may find that the new colour throws your overall colouring off. Try looking at celebrities with a similar hair colour to get an idea of whether you prefer to see bold dark brows with a platinum colour, or prefer the tone of honey browns across the face. It's a good idea to get your eyebrows dyed at a salon even if you use home hair dyes as the proximity of the tint to the eye can make it very dangerous if you get the solution in the yes. 

Dyed in a bright shade

If you have been creative and delved into the paint box to find your bright blue, pink, purple or rainbow hair, why stop now? You can keep going and either go for a bright matching colour of the eyebrows, a clashing colour or a dark brow to give a frame for some colourful makeup. If your natural colour is dark and you've had to bleach your hair to create a vibrant base for your crazy colour, you'll need to do the same with your eyebrows so be sure to leave enough time for the longer appointment. 

If you want to experiment with how eyebrow tinting can enhance your appearance, why not chat with a salon therapist? They can give you some specific advice based on the rest of your personal appearance and overall preferences.