Salon Furniture and Features That Can Help You Serve People With Mobility Impairments

28 March 2016
 Categories: Beauty & Fashion, Blog

If you want to serve as many clients as possible at your salon, you need salon furniture that can accommodate people with mobility challenges. There are a range of items that can help. Here are some of the supplies and features you should consider adding to your salon:

1. Hydraulic adjustable seats

People with mobility impairments may need to transfer themselves from a wheelchair into the salon chair, and if the salon chair is too high that may be impossible. If your chair is adjustable, you can put it the height that client needs.

In other cases, you may have clients who use walking frames and have a hard time standing up. Luckily, there are chairs with hydraulic lifts that can help boost a sitting individual into a standing position.

2. Padded arm rests

Padded arm rests make your salon chairs more comfortable for all of your clients, but they can be especially useful for clients with balance or mobility issues. Large padded armrests give these clients something to support themselves on as they transfer themselves into your chair or stand up from it.

3. Large footrests

Just as you need large arm rests, you need large footrests. Many salon chairs have small wire footrests that are fine for people who have control over their feet or legs. However, if your clients have mobility issues, they may not have the dexterity to keep their feet on a small bar. That simple thing may tax their leg muscles. In contrast, a large footrest can make the process more comfortable for them.

If you don't want to invest in new chairs, consider looking at small footstools designed to sit in front of your salon chair. As needed, you can move the small footrest on your chair out of the way and pull over the footstool. Then, your clients have a place to rest their feet.

4. Portable hair washing sink

Once you have your client seated in the most comfortable styling chair possible, you don't want to have to uproot them and move them to the hair washing station, and this journey, although short, can be hard for clients who cannot walk well. It also can be cumbersome to people who take a long time to transfer from their wheelchair to other chairs.

To accommodate these people, invest in a portable washing sink. You can find sinks that roll wherever you need them -- they connect to your stationary hair washing sink with a hose.

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