Hair Care Tips You Can Follow Between Salon Visits

21 March 2016
 Categories: Beauty & Fashion, Blog

Your hairdresser may do a lot to give you beautiful hair when you walk out of the salon. Their expertise can often create a style that you find hard to duplicate on your own. While a hairdresser may be able to make your hair look great during your visit, there are some things you can do in between visits to have healthy, shiny hair. Note a few of these and ask your hairdresser about them if you're unsure of how they might affect your hair's appearance.

For excess styling products

If you use a lot of gel, mousse, spray, and other products in your hair, you may never seem to be able to get them rinsed out no matter how many times you shampoo your scalp. Try mixing a few teaspoons of baking soda in some water and rinse this over your hair after shampooing. Let the mixture sit on your hair for several minutes and then rinse with water. This should remove any excess styling product residue.

For dry hair and split ends

Olive oil can be a great choice for very dry hair and especially split ends, as the ends of your hair may not be getting fed nourishing oil and hydration from your scalp. Rub some olive oil between your palms and then gently glide it down the length of your hair. Let this sit for a few hours so your hair can absorb the oil, and then rinse with warm water.

For dull hair

If your hair just seems dull and without shine, use raw egg to give it life. Whip up an egg in a bowl and gently drizzle it over clean, damp hair, gently working it into the strands. Let it sit for several minutes and then gently wash your hair with a very light shampoo. Eggs are full of vitamins and protein that can be absorbed by your hair for added life and shine.

For oily hair

If your hair always seems oily and dirty, be sure you're not overusing styling products, as these can cling to the scalp and give your hair a dirty, limp look. Also, add conditioner just to the ends of your hair and not the scalp, so it rinses away clean and doesn't make the scalp itself oily. You may also have oily skin, which causes an oily scalp, so be sure you're avoiding greasy foods that can cause your skin's oil glands to get overworked and, in turn, cause your hair to look oily and limp.

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