Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy | Proven Tips and Tricks of Maintaining Platinum Blonde Hair

18 February 2016
 Categories: Beauty & Fashion, Blog

If you've decided to go platinum blonde, or you've been contemplating on taking that leap, then you need to look ahead. You should know exactly what it takes to ensure you maintain a beautiful look throughout. Platinum blonde is a trend that has been present for quite a while. It's a bold move that radiates a striking and dramatic look, which can be breathtaking when well taken care of. To avoid the fading, here are some great tips.

Don't forget to use purple toner

This may sound a little weird, but platinum blonde hair goes hand-in-hand with purple toner shampoo. Over time, platinum blonde hair starts getting a little brassy, and a purple toner assists in retainging the cooler tones of your hair. The purple in the shampoo is what gets rid of the brassy or yellow tones and leaves your hair more vibrant. In the end, it translates to increased lifespan of your hair and fewer salon trips.

You could also alternate the purple toner with a protein-based shampoo. Protein-based shampoos are good at repairing and rebuilding hair.

Keep your hair protected from the heat

Here's an interesting fact. Each strand of your hair has a protective cuticle all around it and that cuticle is stripped away when you go for a platinum dye. The cuticle layer has to be removed so that the dye can penetrate deep into the hair. Now with that cuticle gone, you'll have to be very careful about protecting your hair from the heat, whether it's the heating devices such as hot rollers, or the sun's blaring rays. They could easily go dry and become flat. Protective sprays can go a long way in keeping your hair hydrated and shiny.

Always, always keep learning

Every person's scenario is slightly different. It could be your skin tone, the products you've been using before or even the type of hair you have. Such changing circumstances have an impact on the decisions you need to make, like whether you should go ultra-blonde, or which skin products you should use henceforth. That's why you need to keep talking to your beautician. They have a lot more experience. Ask enough questions to learn the ins and outs of how you can properly maintain your hair.

If you've got the time, you could even engage yourself in a beauty therapy course from a campus like Elly Lukas Beauty Therapy College. It could take a few weeks to months, depending on how much you want to learn. This could help you deal with arising issues, not only about your hair, but also your face and skin too. Then you'll be unstoppable in keeping your stunning looks.