What to Look For When You Need to Supply Your Own Work Wear

17 February 2016
 Categories: Beauty & Fashion, Blog

When you need to supply your own work wear for any type of construction work or manual labor, or just to give yourself some added protection while on the job, you need to ensure you mix quality materials with comfortable fabrics. This may be more involved than you realize, as some materials that are very durable are not very comfortable and you do no good in protecting yourself if you come home with chafed skin or bunions on your feet from stiff clothes and shoes. Note a few tips on what to look for when you need to supply your own work wear.

Shoes and Boots

A steel toe may be required for certain jobsites, but if not, remember that steel can make your boots very heavy and may contribute to fatigue when you're on your feet all day. If steel is not a requirement but you still want to protect your feet, look for a steel composite that mixes steel with a lighter metal, or another composite material that uses stiff leather or rubber. These will protect your toes without adding as much weight to the boot as steel.

A leather upper sole can offer protection from the elements but may be stiff and not as waterproof as you expect. Choose a rubber upper sole for more comfort if you'll be on your feet or working in wet conditions. A thick sole can be needed to keep you comfortable and protect against fatigue, but note the material of the sole. A full rubber sole can be very comfortable and also offer better protection against electrical shock than any other material. Note the material of the sole as well as the thickness when choosing shoes and boots for work wear and look for real rubber when working anywhere near electricity.


Many denim materials are no longer as tough and durable as they once were, so jeans may not be the best choice for many jobsites. Instead, look for twill or canvas as these materials are less likely to tear when caught on any type of snag. If working around flames of any sort, note if the material is flame resistant; some brands of work wear will add coatings or other elements that make their pants more flame resistant, giving added protection to welders and the like.

Look for accessories to make your work pants more convenient for you; these might include built-in knee pads and removable exterior pockets. The removable pockets can work as something of a permanent tool belt so you don't need to worry about attaching a heavy, cumbersome belt around your waist when you can add or remove pockets quickly and easily.

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