Cute Wedding Suits for Kids

25 February 2015
 Categories: Beauty & Fashion, Blog

If you have some of your own super cute kids or the kids of your friends and family in your wedding party, you want them to look their best in the photos. While many of the European royal families feature children as bridal attendants in full formal gear, the Australian climate can work against you if you would like the children to wear black tie wedding clothing.

Here are some formal wedding clothing ideas for children, which can work with our climate.


For young babies a christening gown or similar long white gown can be gorgeous for babies or either gender. If you would like your male baby to wear a more traditional baby you can dress them in a screen printed "suit" onesie, that blends in with the mens suits in the wedding party. White muslin wraps can be used to help swaddle the baby for any points the wedding gets a little to overwhelming and your baby needs to take a nap! 


Toddlers often enjoy dressing up but are quite fussy about uncomfortable textures. You can try dress them in a suit or dress to match the main wedding part, but layering with cotton based underwear to make the outfits more comfortable against the skin.


Preschoolers are often quite enthusiastic about dressing up. Think about notching down the warmth of the wedding outfit by offering a similar style of wedding suit in linen or a wedding dress in a cotton blend. You can often hire children's wedding outfits from wedding suit hire venues for a very affordable price.

School-age children

If you make it clear to school-age children that they need to wear a wedding "costume" for the ceremony and any pictures, they are usually very willing to wear the outfit. Make sure to have a comfortable outfit for your children to swap into once the photos are done. While it's nice to keep them in the wedding party colours, having a comfortable outfit will let them play and is more likely to keep them smiling and cute during casual photos and family catchups after the formal portion of the ceremony is over. 

Having children in your wedding party helps keep a playful and lighthearted tone to the wedding. While you may want them to match with the overall theme of the wedding the most important thing is that everyone, including you, has a fun and relaxed day. (For more information and ideas, contact Britton's Formal Wear.)